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Cinnabar -elongated crystals with Dolomite, Quartz
stock #13.1-047
Tongren Mine, Wanshan District, Tongren Prefecture
Guizhou, China
8 x 5.1 x 2.9 CM (cabinet)
price: $690
Late Summer 2018

Free standing elongated crystals of Cinnabar in a well protected vug lined with small crystals of Quartz and Dolomite. Excellent bright red color and very translucent. The largest crystals have sharp terminations with distinct re-entrant notches, so they are in fact twins. Slender elongated crystals like these are much rarer than the blocky type and since the mines are closed for a few years, any good quality Cinnabar is now very scarce. In fine condition and with bright luster, Chinese Cinnabar crystals have always been respected and desired as the worlds best for the specie.
stock #ALEC-12-063
Tongren Mine, Wanshan District, Tongren Prefecture
Guizhou, China
5.8 x 5.5 x 4.4 CM (cabinet)
price: $200
Post Tucson 2015

Twinned "drill bit" habit Cinnabar crystals on Quartz matrix with some Dolomite. A Chinese classic, for over a century Cinnabar was the only Chinese mineral seen in the western world. These were prized specimens in top collections and were the worlds best examples of the specie. Things have changed and these are no longer priceless but they are still quite fine and this habit is the most desired. Crystals to 1.8 CM most of which are fully perfect however a small one has a backside cleave not seen on display. The dark color and habit are typical of older material that is not like any of the recent finds.
SOLD Cinnabar (fine twinned crystals) on Dolomite, Quartz
stock #SOLD 9.1-233
Tongren Mine, Wanshan District, Tongren Prefecture
Guizhou, China
6.9 x 5.6 CM (cabinet)
price: $0

Not long ago when China was closed to the west, the only fine minerals we knew from there were twinned Cinnabars. They were the worlds best. They were also unobtainable, only seen in old collections or museums, and worth a fortune. That has changed! This is a fine classic style Cinnabar with good translucency nested in dolomite crystals. Well better than average, this displays well with great contrast. The quality is better than a piece that sold in the early 70's for 20K!
3 specimens listed
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