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Selenite with Herbertsmithite inclusions
stock #16.1-535
Rudna mine, Lubin, Legnica
Lower Silesia, Poland
8.3 x 7.8 x 7.3 CM (cabinet)
price: $1150

A well crystalized cluster of Gypsum I(Selenite) with rich green inclusions and encrustations of the rare mineral Herbertsmithite. This find has produced what are certainly the most esthetic examples of this specie as Herbertsmithite is not usually a "display" grade mineral. Recently Herbersmithite was found to have unique properties of changeable magnetism and with quantum spin properties. This was picked up in some of the popular media and somewhat exaggerated as news, even being called a "new form of matter". There was a brief period where tiny crumbs were being sold for high prices. Despite the inaccurate hype this is a remarkable mineral and on this specimen it is actually attractive.
SOLD Chryoprase (unusual crystallized specimen with Pimelite/Nimite)
stock #SOLD 16.1-682
Szklary (Glasendorff) Zabkowice, Zabkowice District
Lower Silesia, Poland
6.6 x 5.3 x 4 CM (cabinet)
price: $0
Pre Holiday 2017

A very odd and attractive Chrysoprase specimen from the very old mines at Szklary, Poland. The matrix hosts very unusual but attractive clear quartz crystals with a mint green color caused by forming on top of the Chrysoprase. Szklary had both gem grade Chrysoprase and many Nickle minerals mined since the middle ages. We obtained a suite from that region in an old Czech collection, this notes it was obtained in 1980 the year the mine closed. We have never seen another one like this, the sparkling luster is not at all typical. Some areas of the earthy green minerals Pimelite and/or Nimite are noted as accessories, more typical for the area. A pretty quartz oddity.
2 specimens listed
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