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Ferberite with Fluorite and Muscovite
stock #6.2-883
Yaogangxian Mine, Yizhang County
Hunan Province, China
5.8 x 3.6 CM (small cabinet/ large miniature)
price: $450

A superb and esthetic Yaoganxian combo piece! The ferberites are razor sharp, super lusterous and undamaged perfectly perched on gemmy glasslike purple fluorite and balls of well crystalized muscovite. Other than a corner cleave on one fluorite on the outer edge of the right side, this is pristine. For such delicate and slender crystals this is a rarity and certainly of competition caliber. The Ferberite looks a lot like more azurite at a glance it is so lusterous with the uncommon tabular habit.
stock #6.2-758
Xianghuapu Mine, Linwu, Chenzhou District
Hunan Province, China
6 x 5 CM (small cabinet/ large miniature)
price: $225

Fast becoming a classic, these are glass clear modified cubes ((cubo-octhedral faces) from the 2004-5 finds at Xinghuapu. By naked eye this is damage free, but with magnification some minor chips can be found, this display well with just a sliver of matrix. This find was prolific and so many good pieces were found that the price was far lower than any other locale. It is now recognized as one of the top discoveries ever made and there is much less of this type to be found on the market. This one has the old price on it, this will be worth far more as the supply dries up.
Galena (spinel twinned) with quartz
stock #8.1-256
Krushev Dol Mine, Madan, Rhodope Mts.
Smolyan Oblast, Bulgaria
9.5 x 6.2 CM (cabinet)
price: $275

The mines of Madan have produce some wonderful and unique Galenas, this is one. The flattened spinel twins have been "melted" by later hydrothermal fluids and show several complex forms much like a jumble of flattened discoidal plates. The crystals reach 3 CM. This piece has a bright mirror like luster and is in perfect condition (except chips on one part of the outer edge where it was collected, and that is not easily seen) all the display face is undamaged and showey. I have enjoyed searching out some of the special Galenas from Madan this is a fine and different example.
Fluorite on Quartz
stock #6.2-790
Xianghualing Mine, Linwu County, Chenzhou Pref.
Hunan Province, China
10x 6.7 CM (cabinet)
price: $280

The last thing the world needs is more green Fluorite from China, unless it is REALLY different! This is a different and interesting example of modified cubes that more like like material from Naica and older Dalngorsk than China, they have the sharp and clear window face and are sizable at 3.4 CM. Nice mint green color and luster with color contrast on the matrix. Over all quite esthetic, tho there is noticable damage on the perifery it still displays well. A good addition for a Fluorite suite, or a China collection as this is not typical!
Bournonite on Fluorite with Quartz, Boulangerite etc.
stock #6.2-491
Yaogangxian Mine, Yizhang County
Hunan Province, China
8.3 X 4.7 CM (cabinet)
price: $400

A wonderful esthetic for a dark mineral like Bournonite is to be displayed on on colorful matix, and this piece does that well. Several sharp, prismatic and lustrous silvery crystals of Bournonite are well placed on a sparkling purple fluorite and quartz mixture. A few matted hairs of Boulangerite are in evidence as well. There is one Bournonite that is broken off (not very distracting tho) all the rest are quite clean by eye and only show some edge chips at 10X magnification. A very good matrix Yaoganxian piece and a good value.
stock #8.1-295
Tantara Mine, Shinkolobwe, Central Area
Katanga (Shaba), Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire)
8.9 x 7 CM (cabinet)
price: $1250

An incredibly attractive mineral! Brilliant and lustrous crystals to 1.5CM with top color are packed in a vug that is rimmed with Dioptase and some blue Shattuckite. No damage to the display area and main crystals but there are a few tiny contacts at the outer edge of the piece that are not easilly seen. Really a killer for form and with bright, wet looking luster, this is a great value for the price. I have not seen anything of this quality in any recent lots from the DRC.
Quartz Scepter with movable bubbles
stock #5.1-025.3
Cong Ly
Hunan Province, China
10.3 x 5.5 CM (cabinet)
price: $500

A large and superb gemmy scepter crystal with internal movable bubbles. The head is glass clear, with light smokey color, and razor sharp. This also has milky white stem for contrast and overall in in super shape. For the size (4 " tall) it is remarkable to have such clarity and condition. We have seen and sold a lot of fine Cong Ly quartz but this ranks as a top piece for this locale and a very fine scepter for anyplace! We originally sold this piece and it has returned in a trade deal, it was obtained on our Fall 2002 trip to China, we have not been able to get any material of this quality for the past 3 years.
Kongsberite w. Acanthite
stock #7 MOR-226
Zgounder Mine
Anti-Atlas Mts., Morocco
9.8 x 6 CM (cabinet)
price: $400

A large, heavy mass that's nearly all silver minerals, this is a rich specimen covered with the ropey wires and radiating arrays of Kongsbergite and dull black Acanthite showing a few crystals but mostly in masses. Kongsbergite is a mercury rich silver (only about 5% the rest is silver) it is relatively uncommon, and some of the wires here may be pure silver as well. There are only a few tiny bits of quartz to be found on this otherwise it is an all silver specimen.
285 specimens listed
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