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24 specimens found
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Quartz -optically clear
stock #18.1-425
Penas Blancas, Bourbur
Boyaca, Colombia
4.3 x 2.2 x 1.5 CM (miniature)
price: $80
Late Summer 2018

The clarity and perfection of the top pieces of Penas Blancas (Colombia) Quartz are just amazing. This is a textbook perfect, clean and very lustrous crystal. Hard to fully appreciate in photos, the crystal acts a prism and the striations will diffract light unlike other Quartz. We source at the mine and select a very small percentage of single prisms, offering only the most perfect of each find. The recent finds at Penas represent a great value for price to quality that is rare in the mineral world.
Quartz with Pyrite
stock #16.1-387-CN1997
Dalnegorsk, Kavalerovo Mining District
Primorsky Kray, Far Eastern Region, Russia
9.3 x 6.8 x 4.1 CM (cabinet)
price: $750
Late Summer 2018

A very esthetic specimen ex Charles Noll collection. This is a bit of a mystery, The labels attribute this to Dalngorsk and the dusting of Pyrite looks just like some tiny pyrite found there on white Calcite, but this is on Milky Quartz in doubly terminated prisms. I can not find any other examples with this look, so we have tried to confirm the locality. I have been told this was probably from one of the very first waves of specimens to come from Russia which had many oddities not seen again. This fits with the collection vintage, and would make this a very special addition to any fine Dalngorsk suite. The quartz are doubly terminated, perfect all around and are epitaxially coated with tiny Pyrite crystals. An attractive arrangement and striking specimen unlike anything we have seen from any locale worldwide.
Quartz - Pseudocubic form
stock # 18.1- 102 A
Artesia, Eddy County
New Mexico, United States
2.6 x 2 x 1.8 CM (thumbnail)
price: $500
Spring update

A sharp and complete crystal of the very rare "pseudocubic" habit Quartz, which is also very large for the form. The form is more correctly a skewed cube with overdeveloped rhombohedral faces that are not at 90 degrees but can look like it from several angles. No damage. This was incorrectly attributed to a small Arizona find but it is now confirmed as a very choice New Mexican specimen.
Quartz- included by Hematite
stock #18.AX-11-317
Orange River, Namakwa
Northern Cape Province, South Africa
3.4 x 1.8 x 1.3 CM (small miniature)
price: $175
Late Summer 2018

A choice small specimen of Orange Rive Quartz that presents perfectly on all sides. The transparent Quartz prism is colored orange to red from the included Hematite. Nicely perched on the matrix, this is from the big Orange River find in 2013. These have since dried up. Far better color and condition than is usual, display well.
Quartz- ultra clear
stock #18.1-364
Penas Blancas, Bourbur
Boyaca, Colombia
5.3 x 2.1 x 1.5 CM (small cabinet/ large miniature)
price: $180
Late Summer 2018

From the incredible finds at Penas Blancas come some of the worlds clearest Quartz. Remarkable optical-grade clarity, fine condition and with a few edge modifications;(extra faces). The striations are very distinct and add a prismatic effect from some angles. We have had been to visit these prospects and mines, selected top specimens and are pleased to offer these fantastic prisms. Much more transparent in person.
Shattuckite in Quartz with Malachite
stock #17.1-793
Kaokoveld Plateau
Kunene Region, Namibia
6.1 x 4.6 x 3.4 CM (cabinet)
price: $180
Late Summer 2018

One of the most sought after Quartz from Namibia are the Shattuckite included pieces like this. The main 4.6 CM tall milky Quartz crystal has several zones of dark blue inclusions. A Malachite spray adds a nice accent. The quartz shows signs of re-crystallization and has the "corncob" type habit. The termination is more transparent than the body of the Quartz and a few spots of Shattuckite can be seen through the top.
Quartz- Red Phantom, classic locale
stock #18.1-316
Bamble (Bamle)
Telemark, Norway
2.8 x 1.5 x 1 CM (small miniature/ large thumbnail (toenail))
price: $45
Late Summer 2018

Sharp phantom of red Quartz seen inside this old specimen from Bamle (Telemark) Norway. As seen the crystal has some bruises and so is not for a perfectionist, but it is a nice colorful piece from this locale famed for Barites. Inside the Quartz there are dark spheres (Pyrite?) and deeper red clouds of Hematite. Pre 1935 vintage with an old French label, these are never seen for sale.
SOLD Quartz- two generations
stock #SOLD 18.1-288
Silverton, Silverton District, San Juan County
Colorado, United States
5.7 x 4.3 x 3.6 CM (cabinet)
price: $0
Worldwide mix summer

Two generations of sharp Quartz crystals make "hedgehog" type clusters on Massive matrix. An old Silverton Colorado p[iece ex Hitchings collection, the catalog lists 1966 as the date he obtained this. Some larger older quartz prisms are completely overgrown with smaller later generation crystals. A few of the original prisms stick out from the mass of small crystals, and show very good transparency. One of the smaller thumbs of Quartz has a break but all the rest is perfect and undamaged. Neat olf piece
24 specimens found
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