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Elbaite- gem crystal cluster
stock #15.1-419
Paprok, Kamdesh District
Nuristan, Afghanistan
5.2 x 1.1 x .8 CM (cabinet)
price: $800

100 percent gem Tourmaline in a joined cluster of prisms having 4 separate terminations on the "top". The crystal is doubly terminated so there is a fifth termination (flat type) on the bottom. I count 4 colors in zones but two are rather small and not distinct. The whole is perfectly transparent and facet grade, there is no damage even under good magnification. This is from a major find at Paprock some years back that has since dried up. These polychrome crystals are very distinct and are immediately recognizable from that find.
Elbaite ex Herb Obodda collection
stock #ALEC-30-020
Mawi Pegmatite
Nuristan, Afghanistan
3.8 x .7 x .7 CM (miniature)
price: $1200
pre Tucson 2015 update

Superb. A sharp, gem clear multi-colored Tourmaline crystal in perfect condition from the early finds in Afganistan. Not much else to say, the photos show it well. This quality is now very rare and hard to find at any price. The central green zone is a rich vivid color, not like the pastel hue that was typical from later finds in Paprock. Far better in person.
Elbaite (pencil Tourmaline) on Quartz
stock #10.1-202
Paprok, Kamdesh District
Nuristan, Afghanistan
6.8 x 5.7 x 2.6 CM (cabinet)
price: $1480
Spring 2014

A remarkable, fine small cabinet with an elegant form. A sharp, gemmy 5.7 CM long Elbaite crystal impales a quartz crystal at an angle thrusting its termination into the air. The Tourmaline shows good zoning from green to pink at the tip and has a colorless zone as well. From 2006 season mining in Paprok, there were not many like this found then and none since. The main elbaite is in excellent condition damage wise, the quartz is contacted on the back with some tiny broken elbaites that are not so evident. All in all this displays very well and is a welcome change from the "same old" esthetic of most Tourmalines!
Elbaite (4-color polychrome gem crystals)
stock #13.1-216
Paprok, Kamdesh District
Nuristan, Afghanistan
9.6 x 5.5 CM (cabinet)
price: $5600
Spring 2014

Super esthetic and fine display piece in great condition! A long (7.6 CM) gem clear shaft of tourmaline is composed of two parallel crystals well perched on the matrix. The matrix itself is a mix of tiny elbaites, lepidolite, quartz and albite crystals partially coated with a hard mica rich clay coating. This forms an excellent contrast to the colorful gem tourmaline. Amazingly there are no repairs on this delicate specimen, a very rare complete matrix example found a few years ago. The luster is top quality, brilliant, glass like and the color zoning is distinctive. Impressive and of a quality that is sure to appreciate.
Elbaite (multicolor gem Tourmaline)
stock #10.1-312
Paprok, Kamdesh District
Nuristan, Afghanistan
5.6 x 5 CM (cabinet)
price: $2650

A very fine and very attractive specimen! Elbaites with vivid color and gem clear quality reach 5.5 CM in a jackstraw cluster. There is practically all tourmaline with no matrix, only a few areas of minor Cleavelandite. The better Paprok Elbaites have become highly respected for distinctive color and glassy faces. This specimen is top tier, it is a rich, sharp, colorful glassy and in outstanding condition.
stock #8 AFG- 742
Sar-e-Sang District, Koksha Valley
Nuristan, Afghanistan
5 x 4 CM (miniature)
price: $165

A sharp, deep blue terminated Afghanite sits on the top of a calcite matrix (FL). The Afghanite crystal is 2 CM long and 1.6 CM wide, it is broken in the back but the presenting side is undamaged. There are two other broken crystal frangments in the matrix. A nice example and a well presented termination of this once uncommon mineral.
6 specimens found
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