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SOLD Fluorite -new find
stock #SOLD 19.1-218
Mandronarivo, Beroroha District
Atsimo-Andrefana, Madagascar
5.4 x 4.6 x 3.9 CM (cabinet)
price: $0
Spring 2019

A sharp and fine specimen from an important new find in Madagascar. This looks somewhat like an unusually huge crystal from Durham, England (Rogerley mine etc). It is also daylight fluorescent like the English material but comes from far away in this exciting new find. The crystal here is super sharp, zoned, transparent to translucent, 4.7 CM diagonal, has deep color and intense fluorescence. Very choice and far better in person.
Smithsonite -two toned yellow to green
stock #18.1-686
Xiafu, Zhoaping Co. Henzoh Prefecture
Guangxi Autonomous Region, China
5.1 x 3.4 x 2.9 CM (miniature)
price: $240
Spring 2019

A wet looking luster on this botryoidal Smithsonite with the so-called Cadmium color. From the find in 2016 in Guangxi, China, this is an attractive large miniature with two colors and two different textures. In excellent condition the display side of this has no bruises or issues. These were originally sold as a Cadmium Smithsonite due to the color but later testing shows little to no Cadmium. Still a great color for Smithsonite no matter the source.
SOLD Hilgardite on Boracite
stock #SOLD 19.1-104
Boulby Mine, Loftus
North Yorkshire, England
9.4 x 5.7 x 4.6 CM (cabinet)
price: $0
Spring 2019

An exceptional specimen of the rare mineral Hilgardite with very fine Boracite as well. Well documented provenance with several labels, this went from Lindsay Greenbank to John Marshall to Shields Flynn among others. According to Marshalls collection card this was one of the very best pieces at the time of discovery in the Boulby mines. He obtained this in 1993. These crystals are especially large for the specie (one is nearly 1 cm) and very well formed. These are usually rounded blobs or micro sized. The Boracite is also quite attractive has bright color and luster for good color contrast with the Hilgardite.
SOLD Sapphire (corundum) traphiche
stock #SOLD 18-AX-22-278
Inverell, Gough County
New South Wales, Australia
2.6 x 2.2 x 1.9 CM (thumbnail)
price: $0
Spring 2019

A bright, rich chantoyant blue Sapphire crystal that has one face polished to reveal the six rayed star of the trapiche type inclusion. An excellent and unusually large example of a very uncommon habit for Sapphire, this is more commonly seen in Colombian Emeralds. This one is the largest example I have seen that shows the inclusion well, and by far the best I have seen from New South Wales. The specimen dates back over 20 years, it is a complete crystal crudely doubly terminated and showing the trapiche on the back side but much less clearly. There is considerable alluvial rounding of the crystal though so typically not super sharp either. A striking example of this form and with a lot of brilliant color on the polished face.
Beryl- Gem clear hollow crystals
stock #AX-12-274
Mulane Pegmatite, Alto Ligonha District
Zambezia Province, Mozambique
5.6 x 2.1 x 1.3 CM (cabinet)
price: $480
Spring 2019

A pair of parallel gemmy Beryl crystals (light green) with very distinct central canals that run the length of the prisms. The crystals are terminated at the tops yet the central hole is perfectly in the middle of the terminations. There are striations running the length of the central canals that are clearly seen through the otherwise transparent crystals. A fine example of this uncommon and interesting oddity. Similar to some hollow crystals that were found in Brazil in the nineties, these show wider central canals and they are all the way through the crystal. An older piece formerly in the Steve Chamberlain collection, his label states he obtained this in 1977 from the Dossert collection. Unlike anything else I have seen from Mozambique and a super interesting, attractive Beryl!
Beryl var. Emerald -Classic locale
stock #18-AX-1-384
Malyshevo, Ekaterinburg, Ekaterinburgskaya Oblast
Urals Region, Russia
4.5 x 3.2 x 2.6 CM (miniature)
price: $260
Spring 2019

From this famed old locale in the Urals, a terminated Emerald crystal on matrix with deep green color. A few smaller Emeralds are also present but the main crystal (1.7x 1.5 CM) is dominant on the specimen. The large flat termination face is dusted with a sparkling dusting of Mica that adds some interest as well. The history of the minerals from this region is an incredible story that is still ongoing today.. This is a good representative piece with some edge translucence but not cutting worthy. Not at all a common item in the mineral marketplace, yet quite affordable..
Bertierite w. Stibnite
stock #18-AX-12-320
Herja Mine, Chiuzbala , Baia Mare
Maramures, Romania
15.7 x 6.2 x 5.4 CM (cabinet)
price: $1700
Spring 2019

A super, large display specimen of a specie that is not often considered as a display-worthy mineral! A brushy tree like spray of well defined Berthierite with fine steel- grey color and very bright luster. In perfect condition and good looking on all sides, this is an older piece from the Herja Mine, ex Carter Rich and William Hladysz. This area of Romania produced what are by far the worlds best of the specie and this is a top percentile specimen that is certainly among the very best pieces. Now that the mines are closed this is certainly to be considered a classic. Much better in person.
SOLD Fluorite on Celestite
stock #SOLD 18.1-541
Tule Mine, Melchor Muzaquiz
Coahuila, Mexico
7.6 x 5 x 2.3 CM (cabinet)
price: $0
Spring 2019

Ultra-esthetic, incredible geometric form and with great contrast, just a fine Fluorite. From the Tule mine, a few of these turn up every few years, this one from 2017. Very few have this simple perfection. there is no damage and the Fluorite is perfectly transparent, zoned and as seen has a fantastic stepped cube architecture. The matrix is a series of flat Celestite crystals with terminations showing along one edge. A modern Mexican classic and worthy of a place in any fine suite of Fluorite.
79 specimens listed
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