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Quartz Scepter with movable bubbles
stock #5.1-025.3
Cong Ly
Hunan Province, China
10.3 x 5.5 CM (cabinet)
price: $500

A large and superb gemmy scepter crystal with internal movable bubbles. The head is glass clear, with light smokey color, and razor sharp. This also has milky white stem for contrast and overall in in super shape. For the size (4 " tall) it is remarkable to have such clarity and condition. We have seen and sold a lot of fine Cong Ly quartz but this ranks as a top piece for this locale and a very fine scepter for anyplace! We originally sold this piece and it has returned in a trade deal, it was obtained on our Fall 2002 trip to China, we have not been able to get any material of this quality for the past 3 years.
Kongsberite w. Acanthite
stock #7 MOR-226
Zgounder Mine
Anti-Atlas Mts., Morocco
9.8 x 6 CM (cabinet)
price: $400

A large, heavy mass that's nearly all silver minerals, this is a rich specimen covered with the ropey wires and radiating arrays of Kongsbergite and dull black Acanthite showing a few crystals but mostly in masses. Kongsbergite is a mercury rich silver (only about 5% the rest is silver) it is relatively uncommon, and some of the wires here may be pure silver as well. There are only a few tiny bits of quartz to be found on this otherwise it is an all silver specimen.
2 specimens listed
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