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stock #8-MEX-683
Piedras Parado, Las Vigas
Veracruz, Mexico
11.4 x 6.1 CM (cabinet)
price: $450

A very showy and rich plate covered with fine quartz with deep gemmy purple tips. Super luster and no damage except on the perifery which is not visible at all from normal display angles. Individual crystals reach 3.8 CM and the quality is excellent for the locality. Las Vigas was a prolific location but for the last year or so no new materials are to be found. If the location is finished, these are sure to appreciate fast.
Quartz Gwindell
stock #10.1-39X
Grischun (Grisons)
Canton Uri, Switzerland
7.7 x 7.7 x 6.3 (cabinet)
price: $1500

An impressive, esthetic and FULLY UNDAMAGED Quartz Gwendel on matrix . It is almost impossible to find a good, undamaged all around gwendel that is under 5 figures. This cabinet sized example is simply a fine piece, the quartz is absolutely gemmy but dusted on the exterior with chlorite whith makes it look murky, unless it is backlit. I have not backlit these photos, but it really glows if displayed that way. Sits well and presents from any angle unaided. Alpine cleft quartz really is distinctive and the most sought after are the gwendels. This example has a very smooth walled twist, and is priced below "market".
2 specimens listed
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