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Diamond - Three crystals, different colors and habits
stock #15.1-655
Kimberly, Francis Bard District
Northern Cape Province, South Africa
.3 x .3 x .2 CM largest (thumbnail)
price: $300
Spring 2017

A group of three Diamond crystals, each with a slightly different color hue and very different crystal habits. From an old collection, these total 1.55 Carats. The largest crystal is a penetration twin cube the middle size is a cube with half of its faces having hopped indents and half with growth hillocks and the thirst seems like a cyclic discoidal twin. Under magnification many small modifications and extra faces are seen. Sharp and a nice suite of Carbon!
Tarnowitzite with Cerussite and Galena
stock #15.1-1040-(SM2831)
Touissit, Touissit-Bou Beker Dist., Jerada Province
Oriental Region, Morocco
8.7 x 5.5 x 6.3 CM (cabinet)
price: $550
Spring 2014

A superb Tarnowitzite cabinet specimen from Touissit that has no damage and great esthetics. The matrix is nearly all Tarnowitzite, with minor clear Cerussite and Galena. All the smaller crystals are perfectly transparent, the larger ones are typical milky and very sharp. Touissit has been closed for decades but for a short while it produced some of the worlds finest Plumbo- Aragonites rivaling the best from Tsumeb.This is an especia;lly choice specimen that displays well from all sides. Ex Charles Noll collection with several additional old labels included.
Pyrrhotite replaced by Pyrite and or Chalcopyrite
stock #6.2-566
Yaogangxian Mine, Yizhang County
Hunan Province, China
5.5 x 4.2 x 3.3 CM (cabinet)
price: $120
Spring 2017

An oddity from the great Yaoganxian mine, sharp rosettes of Pyrhotite (rare at this locale) that are coated by secondary Sulphides and associated with Chalcopyrite and Pyrite. The Pyrrhotite has been partly or entirely replaced by what is likely pyrite but could also be Chalcopyrite. Both species are on the speciems matrix. Delicate and well formed this was part of a small find we obtained at the mine in 2003. I have not seen these since then. Uncommon and a nice example for any good Yaogangxian suite.
3 specimens listed
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