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Fluorite- Elongated gemmy cubes
stock #17.1-888
Cantera Llamas, Duyos, Caravia
Asturias, Spain
3.7 x 2.4 x 2 CM (small miniature/ large thumbnail (toenail))
price: $160
Pre Holiday 2017

A super clear, nearly colorless (with a very slight tinge of purple) cluster of two elongated cubes. The crystals are in epitaxial orientation as well. The Fluorites from Llamas are almost always beveled on the edges and often elongated, sometimes on two different axis as is this one. No matrix at all, the back and underside were contacted and recrystallized, and one old cleavage break has also had some regrowth. The facing side for display is almost air clear, sharp and lustrous. A very good example of this small but impressive locality.
Vanadinite- USA classic locale
stock #17.2-887
Pure Potential/ N. Geronimo Mine, Silver dist., Trigo Mts, La Paz County
Arizona, United States
2.7 x 1.6 x 1.4 CM (thumbnail)
price: $80
Pre Holiday 2017

An intense red thumbnail of gemmy, perfect condition prismatic Vanadinite. From the modern classic locale of the Pure Potential mine, these crystals are lustrous, transparent and have both prisms and hoppered forms.
stock #17.1-886
Cligga Mine, Cligga Head, Perranporth, Perranzabuloe, St. Agnes District
Cornwall, England
11.9 x 8.8 x 4.9 CM (cabinet)
price: $250
Pre Holiday 2017

A very large specimen of lustrous Botallackite from Cornwall. In several habits but mostly accicular free standing crystals in several vugs. This could be trimmed to make several specimens if desired, but is fine as is to my eye. A Cornish classic copper specie, a paramorph of Atacamite and Clinoatacamite, this specimen seems to have a druse of Langite (not x-rayed) as well. Botllackites is quite rare and when from other localities are not nearly as attractive as these.
Fluorite on Quartz -Fine Octahedral crystals
stock #17.1-658
Riemvasmaak, Kakamas district
Northern Cape Province, South Africa
6.2 x 3.6 x 3.6 CM (cabinet)
price: $1250
Pre Holiday 2017

Very sharp transparent and bright green Octahedral Fluorites are in an esthetic cluster. The main crystal is very well isolated and absolutely perfect which is quite rare. The matrix is all crystallized milky quartz that makes a good contrast with the Fluorites. Riemvasmaak octahedrons are highly respected and among the worlds best, they have been found sporadically for about 10 years, currently there is no new production. Choice pieces of this quality can be very expensive, however, this is especially reasonable from the last good finds in 2014.
4 specimens listed
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