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Sphalerite- Gem crystal
stock #18.AX- 161
ZCA Mine number 4, Balmat, Balmat-Edwards District, St. Lawrence, Co.
New York, United States
1.2 x .8 x .4 CM (thumbnail)
price: $110
Spring update

A small, gem clear single crystal of amber colored Sphalerite. Complete and undamaged from the remarkable finds decades ago at the ZCA (Zinc Corp. of America) mine in Balmat, NY. A "textbook quality" crystal, despite the small size this has good eye-catching luster and color.
SOLD Spinel- Gem octahedron
stock #SOLD 18.1-162
Pein Pyit (Painpyit), Mogok, Sagaing district
Mandalay division, Myanmar (Burma)
1.5 x 1.3x 1.2 CM (thumbnail)
price: $0
Spring update

Transparent, blood red and complete. A single octahedron of Spinel from the famed Mogok gem field. The edges show typical rounding or "melted look" that is classic for this area. These are extracted as gem gravels by hand work as has been done for centuries. Since the mineral is so hard and abrasion resistant the form stays relatively sharp and lustrous. with 10-20 x magnification only slight signs of abrasion can be seen. 16.8 Carats in weight. A nice colorful octahedron of "ruby" Spinel.
Beryl var. Emerald wih Quartz
stock #18.1-056
Mina Amarillial, Cosquez, Municipio de Muzo
Boyaca, Colombia
5.4 x 4.8 x 2.6 CM (cabinet)
price: $850
Spring update

A two-sided specimen holding dozens of light to mid green Emerald crystals that are intermixed with Quartz crystals. Very unusual for a Colombian Emerald specimen, the usual association in Calcite. Prior to our finding this material the only Quartz matrix I have seen or know of for Emeralds is at Penas Blancas and it is very rare there. This little known cut near Coscuez has now produced a few of this rae combo. A choice and rare piece with many small, very clear Emeralds covering both sides of the matrix. With magnification the quality really stands out.
3 specimens listed
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