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1979 specimens listed
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Titanite (Sphene) twinned crystals with minor Dolomite
stock #11.1-W28
Dodo Mine, Prepolar Urals
Western Siberian Region, Russia
6.3 x 5.8 CM (small cabinet/ large miniature)
price: $185

The better Titanites from the remote Dodo Mine have become quite rare in this size and quality. Sharp, lustrous and fairly translucent to transparent crystals show classic twinning and sit well perched on the matrix. The main crystals are in excellent condition, fully undamaged. There are small broken crystals on the matrix that can be seen with close inspection but are not distracting. This keeps the price down yet this still displays well.
Calcite enclosing Hematite (2 generations)
stock #11.1-37W
Santa Eulalia, Aquiles Serdan
Chihuahua, Mexico
7.5 x 5.6 CM (cabinet)
price: $360

From a small find in the 1970's this calcite is very esthetic and colorful. The matrix is a sparkling white to light yellow druse of Calcite covered with hills of deep red to black drusy crystals. A single later generation clear crystal is perched on one side and all is well-arranged and eye-catching. A very pretty display quality specimen that is uncommon, unusual, undamaged and still affordably priced.
Grossular (Raspberry Garnet)
stock #10.1-276
Lago de Jaco,Sierra de la Cruz, Municipio de Mojada
Coahuila, Mexico
7x6.8 CM (cabinet)
price: $300

A very fine example of the recent finds at this classic location! An esthetic 'Mountain" of matrix hosts several deep red Grossular crystals up to 2.2 CM. The "summit" is a well exposed sharp 1.7 CM crystal that presents well from all sides. The major crystals are in excellent condition, the backside has some missing/ broken crystals from the area where the matrix was removed, these are not seen from any display angle. Much better than average!
Grossular (Raspberry Garnet)
stock #10.1-274
Lago de Jaco,Sierra de la Cruz, Municipio de Mojada
Coahuila, Mexico
6.6 x 4.7 CM (cabinet)
price: $340

From 2009 mining at this classic Mexican location, this is a far better than average example of this rare garnet variant. The main crystal here is 2.3 CM across, very lustrous, dark raspberry-red and in pristine condition. This is quite sizable for the locality and has been carefully exposed so it sits well on the matrix. Some minor crystals have typical damage that shows the dark core of the garnets. Since 1920 these garnets have sporadically been available but good ones have always been rare.
Grossular (gemmy yellow garnet)
stock #11.1-W01
Handan Prefecture
Hubei Province, China
7 x 4.1 CM (cabinet)
price: $440

A pure mass of gemmy lustrous yellow garnets crystals densely packed together with no matrix. This is a recent find (2010)from the area that has in the past produced both Grossular and Vesuvianite, but not in this form! This is the best example I have seen so far. Showy glass-like sparkling crystals up to 1.3 cm (average about 4-7 mm) are jammed together as an intergrown mass. Most crystals are complete without damage but several have signs of contacting and a few small points show chipping with magnification. By naked eye this displays very well.
Demantoid (var. Andradite) gemmy green garnet
stock #11.1-04W
Tubussis 22 Farm
Erongo Region, Namibia
4.4 x 3 CM (miniature)
price: $650

A cluster of intergrown, rich deep green gem crystals perched on a crystalline matrix. From the major find made in 2006, these were quickly absorbed into the market and disappeared. A very esthetic example of this uncommon variant, the largest crystal is 1.5 cm and is perched on other crystals. Far better in person! These show complex, lustrous faces and are undamaged.
Mimetite var. Campylite (rare chain crystal)
stock #11.1-W04
Dry Gill Mine, Caldbeck Fells
Cumbria, England
4.1 x 2.6 CM (miniature)
price: $380

A rare variation of the classic British Campylite from Dry Gill, this small, esthetic piece features a curved chain of Mimetite crystals. Lustrous and in excellent condition damage-wise, the chain has a central hollow canal running its length. The matrix also hosts small botryoidal crystals of yellow, green and orange Mimetite. A fine small miniature!
HOLD Pyrite, Magnetite and Xenotime (Y)
stock #HOLD 1092-JM-1578
Hudson, Middlesex County
Massachusetts, United States
10.9 x 8 CM (cabinet)
price: $425

A Massachusetts rarity, from the John Marshall collection from a one time find over 40 years ago, during the construction of I 495. Two large, complex pyrites to 4.4 CM are perched on a jumble of micro crystals mostly Magnetites with numerous Xenotime. The right side crystal is in perfect condition, the left shows an old stress crack that is partly re-healed. An exceptional example of this find, I have not seen any better ever. Displays well.
1979 specimens listed
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