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1773 specimens listed
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Cubanite-large twinned crystals
stock #18-AX-24-530
Henderson Mine, Chibougamou
Quebec, Canada
3.4 x 1.7 x 1.4 CM (miniature)
price: $2450

Unusually large, sharp lustrous and very well defined Cubanite. Although Cubanite has been found at several locales in the world, the only source of fine crystals was the Henderson Mine, now long closed. There will never be any more of these which are by far the worlds best Cubanites. This specimen has a super dispaly face with very sharp striations and clear twinning. Some contacting on the back but the front displays very well. Specimens of this quality can only be had from old collections being recycled, and this size is almost never seen.
Quartz included by Hollandite stars
stock #7AE-351
Ambatofinandrahana Department, Amoroni Mania Region
Fianarantsoa Province, Madagascar
10 x 5.6 x 2.8 CM (cabinet)
price: $330

A pair of closely joined Quartz prisms showing star inclusions of Hollandite. The main crystals growing from a cluster of smaller Quartz and are clear enough to clearly see the radiating bursts of dark Hollandite crystals. From finds over 15 years ago, these are not being found anymore as far as we know. The Quartz is also in very good condition, most of the other specimens in the find had significant chipping. A nice addition to a Quartz suite or any collection of inclusions.
SOLD Rutile on Hematite (epitaxial)
stock #SOLD 19.1-390
Novo Horizonte
Bahia, Brazil
5.2 x 2.2 x .2 CM (small cabinet/ large miniature)
price: $0

A sharp, bright starburst sixling of golden rutile needles sprouting from a shiny metallic Hematite crystal. A clean and clear textbook quality example of Epitaxy, this is from the great find at Novo Horizonte a few years ago. The thin plate-like crystal of Hematite shows very smooth faces on both sides, a few growth structures are also noted. The Rutile is in single hairs and clumped bundles oriented on the twin forms that define these. In remarkable condition, this looks fine from both sides. Much better in person, these are amazing minerals and modern classics.
stock #15.1-453

Cornwall, England
2.7 x 1.5 x .5 CM (thumbnail)
price: $80

A crystalized thumbnail of Cornish Torbernite with a bright apple-green color. Ex Dr T.B. Wilson collection, we do not have a mine attribution for this piece although it looks like a great match to Old Gunnislake Mine, but that is not documented. There are many Torbernite locales listed in Cornwall, most have crude plates or scattered crystals, relatively few have rosettes and dense clusters. A colorful English piece that is reasonable in cost yet choice.
SOLD Quartz -gem clear on Marble
stock #SOLD 19.1-081
La Facciata Quarry, Carrara, Massa-Carrara Province
Tuscany, Italy
7 x 5.9 x 5.1 CM (cabinet)
price: $0

The Marble Quarries of Carrara are world famous source of the highest quality carving and building stone. For centuries these Quarries were the first choice for a pure, brilliant Marble. They have also been the source of limpid Quartz crystals found on occasion that are impressive, colorless and perfect. This is a choice example of this sort of Quartz, flawless and transparent, sitting on the white Marble. The largest prism is a right handed Quartz 1.7 CM tall. A good find of these in 2018 yielded a nice selection of top quality pieces which are not very often available. We selected this from the lot of almost 100 pieces as a very good value, esthetic and with the classic presentation.
Pyrargyrite -classic, very rich
stock #18.1-272
Himmelsfurst Mine, Brand Erbisdorf, Freiberg
Saxony, Germany
7.5 x 7.2 x 5.3 CM (cabinet)
price: $1500

A really fine, large, heavy and rich Ruby Silver from the classic locality of Freiberg. Two large faces are densely encrusted with many dark to bright red crystals in several habits, and whole dosplays well from several angles. A few crystals have typical bruises the vast majority are perfect and the condition is far better than most of these old and delicate pieces. Some dark native Silver is also noted on the matrix. Displays well from several angles, the old label which had been affixed to the piece is damaged and incomplete but the word Frieberg is clear. We are informed that this matrix, habit and style is a perfect match for the Himmelsfurst mine and is clearly a very old piece. The Pyrargyrite is still a good red color despite the age and some darkening, much better than usually seen on these. The Pyrargyite is also set off by some associated milky Quartz and Calcite so it really stands out on display,. The crystals and rounded masses also are protruding well from the matrix which adds a good texture. A very choice, large classic European Ruby Silver that is especially fine in person.
Quartz- "prase" included by Hedenbergite
stock #19.1-084
Serifos Island, Cyclade Islands
South Aegean, Greece
5.5 x 3.1 x 1.7 (small cabinet/large miniature)
price: $90

A cute classic Greek "Prase" or "Prasm" Quartz with good green color, translucence and sharp tapering crystals. Serifos Quartz has been a long known and collectable variety, it has a very distinctive habit that is only known from a few other skarn deposits worldwide. These have become quite pricy on the market, this one is in good shape, has only very tiny chips that are hard to see by naked eye, and is very reasonably priced for one of these.
Calcite "butterfly twins" with Hematite
stock #18.1-657
Leiping Mine, Leiping, GuiyangCo., Chenzhou Prefecture
Hunan Province, China
4.3 x 3.2 x 2.7 CM (miniature)
price: $280

A juxtaposed pair of "butterfly" twin Calcites with bright faces, fine clarity and red Hematite phantoms. From the last mining at Leiping, these are excellent examples from this locality. These twins made big news in the mineral world when found in 2002, partly because they looked so much like the classic British twins from over a century ago. Sharp. clean and elegant these are modern classics that look like the vintage old world classics.
1773 specimens listed
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