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Fluorite on Quartz -Fine Octahedral crystals
stock #17.1-658
Riemvasmaak, Kakamas district
Northern Cape Province, South Africa
6.2 x 3.6 x 3.6 CM (cabinet)
price: $1250
Pre Holiday 2017

Very sharp transparent and bright green Octahedral Fluorites are in an esthetic cluster. The main crystal is very well isolated and absolutely perfect which is quite rare. The matrix is all crystallized milky quartz that makes a good contrast with the Fluorites. Riemvasmaak octahedrons are highly respected and among the worlds best, they have been found sporadically for about 10 years, currently there is no new production. Choice pieces of this quality can be very expensive, however, this is especially reasonable from the last good finds in 2014.
stock #9.1-W159
Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos
Quebec, Canada
4.1 x 3 x 1.5 CM (miniature)
price: $900
Pre Holiday 2017

A colorful and very well formed Vesuvianite with a main crystal showing an unusual shortened prismatic habit. From the great heyday of the Jeffrey mine, now sadly closed forever, this location produced the worlds very best Vesuvianites in many colors and forms. The main crystal is 2 CM across diagonally and well isolated from the mass of crystals and in fine shape. Rough areas and contacts exist but are mostly on the sides and back of this specimen. Color zoning and glassy luster give this extra pop in person.
Diopside on Graphite
stock #17.1-885
Merelani, Umba Valley, Lelatama Mountains, Arusha Region
Manyara Region, Tanzania
2.9 x 2.2 x 2.3 CM (small miniature/ large thumbnail (toenail))
price: $390
Pre Holiday 2017

The gem Diopside crystals from Merlani are modern classics and can have brilliant form as seen here. The color is a yellow to pale greenish hue and the crystals are complete all around, undamaged and statuesque. The contrast with the Graphite adds a nice balance and the complex modified terminations are very distinctive. Good luster with gem clear areas but more translucent than transparent overall.
stock #17.1- 125
Langyang Mine
Fujian, China
6.7 x 4.7 x 4 CM (cabinet)
price: $440
Pre Holiday 2017

A stacked habit style of Calcite from a 2016 find in Fujian, China. Resembling a pagoda or a stack of umbrellas, this habit is very distinctive, and this small cabinet specimen is in excellent condition. A delicate pink to tan color, this turns a vivid red in SW ultraviolet light. The cap or top of the stack has an especially odd form with a zoned inclusion.
Hemimorphite -radiating sheaf habit crystals
stock #17.1-884
Mina Ojuela, Mapimi
Durango, Mexico
5.8 x 4.6 x 3.9 CM (cabinet)
price: $380
Pre Holiday 2017

A radiating ball like spray of blue hued Hemimorphite crystals from the famed Mina Ojuela. The individual sheaves reach 1.3 CM and are somewhat zoned, a hint of green copper secondaries are seen as well. Unlike most of the Hemimorphites from this locale, these are opaque crystals and the luster is subdued overall but have a sparkling secondary coating of smaller clear Hemi crystals. The display area in in fine condition but the back and underside have some damage or contacting. Some minor Goethite is also present as small spheres. Not typical at all, this is an odd yet pretty specimen.
Malachite replacing Azurite, Exceptional Tsumeb classic
stock #7XE-099
Otavi-Bergland district, Oshikoto, Namibia
9.8 x 6.2 x 3.3 CM (cabinet)
price: $4900
Pre Holiday 2017

Incredible form, with large sharp crystals showing classic Azurite shape covered by silky Malachite. In exceptional condition, the biggest crystal in this cluster is textbook habit, doubly terminated and 6.3 CM long. A few areas of Azurite remain, with Balydonite and Olivenite present as well. Ex N.Collins and A. Edwards collections. Impressive display impact, in clean undamaged condition, this is a top quality Tsumeb piece likely from the 1920-30 vintage years.
Fluorite- Classic English, with Galena
stock #15.1-554
Weardale North Pennines
Durham, England
9.2 x 6.2 x 4.9 CM (cabinet)
price: $290
Pre Holiday 2017

Big, zoned purple Fluorites crystals with sharp edges and classic face modifications. As is typical of some english Fluorites like this there is daylight fluorescence. The outer edges of the cubes are clear while the center is a milky white to pale purple. In exceptional condition damage wise, there are a few dull Galena crystals with Goethite overgrowth that adding contrast. From an older collection, this was collected long prior to 1970. The largest cube is over 5 CM diagonal and the condition is excellent damage-wise.
SOLD Fluorite
stock #SOLD 17.1-882
Xiayang, Yongchun County, Quanzhou Prefecture
Fujian, China
5.1 x 4 x 3 CM (cabinet)
price: $0
Pre Holiday 2017

An incredible example from a new find of inky blue Fluorites which has been making big mineral news. Sharp, lustrous and gem clear cluster of modified cubes that some are calling "Tanzanite color Fluorite" which is a controversial name. This also shows a pronounced color change in some lighting from deep royal purple to this rich blue that is quite unique. We have examined many of these and selected the very best in terms of color, clarity, condition and esthetics. This is far better than average, very minimal damage with contacts at outer edges and back with the main display face clean and pristine. It seems this find is fairly large but very few pieces are anything close to this quality and the prices can be very high. From Fujian Province, the earliest specimens from this find had some misleading location data. The locality we are listing has been confirmed as correct for this specimen but there may be other spots nearby as well. A choice, attractive specimen and a very good value.
1738 specimens listed
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